Thursday, November 24, 2011

30 lbs in 3 months

Today, I declare commitment!

My name is Carl and I am 30 lbs overweight.

''i will lose weight before my next birthday'' has been part of my birthday wishlist, my countless To-do-list, and all those what-i-want-to-achieve list for the past years. Yes, emphasis on the ''s''.

I will be celebrating my birthday 8 months from now and I intend to scratch it off the list before i turn 28.
This has nothing to do with people teasing and self-pity ( I was way past that stage - highschool). I have learned to deal with the excess fats ages ago. why? because it does not make me less cute hahaha( bear with me, im trying to make this a light post. ;) seriously, its because I've enjoyed the handles for quite a long time, its about time to experience life without it.

'' a goal without a plan is just a wish''

well, losing weight right now is not a wish. I will turn this dream into reality. I can because I will.

so what actions have i taken so far :

months ago ( kainez) i attended a ashtanga yoga class with symmetry. lucky me, i was the only student at that day, i got the full attention of the trainer Ibong all to myself. I was sweating so much, just by stretching ( she said i was very flexible for first timers). Sad though that i never got to continue the class (feeling ko kasi angastos). I seldom do the routines at home , but i still stretch, just that not the entire poses.

i've been running religiously every weekend afternoon in the Fort. was crazy at first but eventually was able to build my pace and run continously for 10 minutes without losing my breath. but again, i stopped doing this since i changed working schedule for a month now. what i did in return in utilize the gym facility in our office


now, what's the plan to achieve the goal? updates in the next post :D

I will be religiously updating this blog to keep you informed and remind me about my progress.

I invite you to join me in this conquest! lezdudis