Saturday, April 21, 2012


Hindi ko Makita ang dahilan
Kung bakit sa atensyon mo ako’y naiilang
Dati naman tayong ganito
Di ko napansin kelan nagbago

Basta nagising na lang isang araw
Akto mo parang di na ordinaryo
Kilay napapataas
Sa bawat hirit mong wagas

Please lang sana iyong itigil
Kung ano man dahilan ng iyong panggigigil
Hindi naman dahil ika’y ayaw ko
Pero mas mabuting manatiling magkaibigan na lang tayo

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

im not moving....

not much has changed since this post

as shown in below pic, its stuck at the same old number (don't even want to mention it har har har)

nemmet, desperate times call for desperate measures!
wedding is just 4 months away, birthday is 2 months away... and summer will soon be over.

but no, i'm not being dramatic over this weight thingy (but i should be - don't you think? )

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

who's your sole sister?

i:ve been following solesisters lois and chichi of  since 2010. their passion for travel inspires the wanderlust in me. for their 2012 forecast, i was inspired to write this post because of forecast #3

'' Search for the next Sole Sisters ''

im not a regular blogger, so i guess i won't fit the bill. but it made me think of my own set of sole sisters.
from the time i got bitten by the travel bug in 2010, i can only think of two persons who are constantly my companion on the road. meet my solesisters doo and boo :)
boo and doo

rock climbing in batanes (lol)

goofing around in albay

our first hike? mt pinatubo
haha payong sa boracay beach (mainet eh !)


we've been to more places, i just can't find the pictures. for 2012, we have travels lined up already, and im sure we'll have a great time.

now, your turn, who's your solesister/brother? :D

Thursday, November 24, 2011

30 lbs in 3 months

Today, I declare commitment!

My name is Carl and I am 30 lbs overweight.

''i will lose weight before my next birthday'' has been part of my birthday wishlist, my countless To-do-list, and all those what-i-want-to-achieve list for the past years. Yes, emphasis on the ''s''.

I will be celebrating my birthday 8 months from now and I intend to scratch it off the list before i turn 28.
This has nothing to do with people teasing and self-pity ( I was way past that stage - highschool). I have learned to deal with the excess fats ages ago. why? because it does not make me less cute hahaha( bear with me, im trying to make this a light post. ;) seriously, its because I've enjoyed the handles for quite a long time, its about time to experience life without it.

'' a goal without a plan is just a wish''

well, losing weight right now is not a wish. I will turn this dream into reality. I can because I will.

so what actions have i taken so far :

months ago ( kainez) i attended a ashtanga yoga class with symmetry. lucky me, i was the only student at that day, i got the full attention of the trainer Ibong all to myself. I was sweating so much, just by stretching ( she said i was very flexible for first timers). Sad though that i never got to continue the class (feeling ko kasi angastos). I seldom do the routines at home , but i still stretch, just that not the entire poses.

i've been running religiously every weekend afternoon in the Fort. was crazy at first but eventually was able to build my pace and run continously for 10 minutes without losing my breath. but again, i stopped doing this since i changed working schedule for a month now. what i did in return in utilize the gym facility in our office


now, what's the plan to achieve the goal? updates in the next post :D

I will be religiously updating this blog to keep you informed and remind me about my progress.

I invite you to join me in this conquest! lezdudis

Thursday, September 15, 2011

For those who were hurt before, or not

He broke your heart and said goodbye
After promising forever
You wonder why you even tried
He was such a good pretender
The love you gave was all in vain
And nothing anyone can say
Could ever make you love that way again
I’ve read a couple of blogs and short stories, that shares the same theme. If the character was hurt in a previous relationship, he/she would somehow feel nadadala, natatakot ng magmahal ulit. Yung iba nga halos isumpa pa.’’hindi na ko magmamahal ulit’’ ‘’ Ayaw ko na masaktan’’ Kahit ako naman, guilty dito (dati yun:P)
But this song, somehow reminded me na hindi dapat ganun ang mindset.
It’s the lover not the love
Who broke your heart last night
It’s the lover not the dream
That didn’t work out right
If you listen to your heart
Oohh you know its true
It’s the lover not the love
Who deserted you
Feel good song, right?
Don’t stop reaching for the stars
Let tomorrow live inside you
And just remember who you are
Keep the faith and love will find you
A heart in love can lose it’s true
But don’t give up in time to find
The one who’s right will come to you
 So continue your life and mingle. Being alone does not mean you have to be lonely.
Kaya nga may salitang move on. Healing. And next time.

It’s the lover not the love
Who deserted you
It does no good to second guess
Whether love is wrong or right
If it was meant to be
He’d be with you tonight
Di ako emo, natuwa lang ako sa kanta :D

Friday, September 2, 2011

is your SO like your CP?

ang cellphone at boyfriend/girlfriend ay may mga pagkakapareho pala talaga. kaya wag ng magtaka kung bakit ganun na lamang ang pagkagiliw ng mga tao sa kanikanilang SO (in this case, CP)

let's rundown how it works :

the selection period
wifi,budget,OS,features. ilan sa mga bagay na kinokonsidera kapag naghahanap ng CP. Parang SO lang. Kumbaga sa chat, '' ASL please''. Anong height?Face Value? San nag-aral? Mabait ba?  and the list of questions go on....

the getting to know you stage
do you read the manuals? or go straight tweaking your CP? ako kasi adik sa manual, feeling ko pag di ko nabasa, im missing out on the basics. kaya siguro adik rin ako magresearch hehehe, nagpapakabusy ako maghanap ng info online tungkol dun sa boylet, facebook, google search, info from friends, whatever i can use to atleast have an idea who he is. plus of course, i ask the person directly. mas masaya naman makuha yung feedback directly dun sa tao , tama?

eto na malupit, pag may mga di napagkakasunduan,
halimbawa na lang, di ko pa talaga maintindihan pano gamitin tong bago kong phone, kailangan ko ng pdf reader app para mabasa yung libro na dinownload ko, binasa ko manual, online help, kaso eto wala pa rin. at napipika ako. kasi di ko magets kung ako yung engot umintindi, or magulo lang talaga magexplain yung website. parang SO lang, nakakainis minsan pag di kayo nagkakaintindihan, pero di mo naman basta papalitan dahil lang dun tama? take time to understand, parang itong downloading lang, di ko toh susukuan!

in the long run
umamin tayo, andaming lumalabas na bagong unit buwan buwan, level up kung level up ang features. nakakatempt kumuha ng bago, nakakasawa rin kung yun at yun ang phone mo. ang tanong ngayon, bibili ka ba ng bago? may pambili ka ba? kailangan mo ba talagang bumili? parang SO, dumadating talaga yung time na pag matagal na kayo, iisipin mo, ito na ba talaga? hindi naman sa hindi mo na mahal or anything, siguro normal lang talaga na minsan, may makilala ka na mas higit sa kanya. di naman ibig sabihin, you loved him/her less. di ba? so its still your choice kung magpapalit ka... ng CP.

**** nababaliw kasi ako sa bago kong phone, Si Sam ( hehe binyagan ng pangalan, koreano pa nga eh, Sung ang last name :P ) mejo advance kumpara dun sa pinalitan niya, si Cherry Mo Bile, (vietnamese?)  i got a samsung unit, gt something (kitams nakalimutan ko na agad yung model, di kasi ako techie talaga na tao).so imagine na adjustment im going through ;( pucha pati tong touchscreen pinahihirapan ako hahaha
kaya ayan, dito ko na binuhos frustration ko :D

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Charms and Crystals

nope, this entry will not be about accessories. I just feel so good after reading the book and I feel like I should be sharing this with you (naks as if andaming followers). I came across this book from books24x7 in skillsoft. Skillsoft is a program in my company accessible to every employee. And I believe this is one tool that the company should really maximize and let the employees know how useful it is.( and yes, i'm loving skillsoft now! especially books24x7 - bookworm :P)

title of the book : THE POWER OF CHARM: How to win anyone over in any situation
 by Brian Tracy and Ron Arden

I took down a lot of notes,quotes and lessons from this book. And I love it really. I'm not a very charming person. But I try to be ;). And coming across this book, was definitely a great thing. A lot of blogs, even articles we see online has something to do with self-esteem, self improvement and the likes. If you want to develop a charming personality, this book is for you :)

Do you know someone who is charming? Or would you consider yourself a charming individual?

Charming is defined as to be alluring or pleasing (

the book mentioned 5 As on how to be charming. Let's see how many A's you have.


For someone to be considered charming, he/she accepts the person he deals with without prejudice. And how exactly does the charmer do that? Smile. A genuine one. Remember the saying how smile is such a simple act but it takes a lot of effort? If we are more accepting of situations, we will be able to smile more easily. So smile :)

A charmer knows how to say Thank You. Expressing your gratitude over something another person has done for you ( be it a huge favor or a simple gesture of handing over your fee to the driver) actually makes you a charming individual. Admit it. People in public transportation actually forget to say thank you when you reach their fare to the driver. It's not as if its your responsibility to do so, but a little appreciation goes a long way.

Name one person who does not want to be approved. Each one of us would be so glad when we get praises or commendations be it at work, at school, with our family, friends. Approval boosts our self esteem and builds our self confidence. A charmer works his way to praise you. He/she makes an effort to let you know that you did a good job and that you deserve a pat in the back.

''You look good today. I wonder what it is but you are blooming.'' An automatic smile and heart leap will be my reaction to that statement. Why? Girls love being complimented. One guy friend told me that flattery, no matter how we hate it, is one area a woman gets weak. Fine. But on the contrary, men enjoys being complimented too. As Abraham Lincoln said ( this one I took from the book as well) : Everyone likes a compliment. A charming individual knows how to make you feel good without being such a kiss-ass.

 Time. Admit it or not, when someone takes time to be with us - be it your suitor, lover, friend, officemate - 
they somehow fit the bill of being a charmer. Why? Because getting the attention from someone is like getting part of their life. Time spent on us makes us feel important. When we feel important, it gives us that feeling that we actually matter.“Time goes by so fast, people go in and out of your life. You must never miss the opportunity to tell these people how much they mean to you.”. Now that is charming ;)

After going through these 5 A's, I realized that its so easy to be charming. All we have to do is care.

They don't care how much you know until they know how much you care - Lou Holtz