Tuesday, January 17, 2012

who's your sole sister?

i:ve been following solesisters lois and chichi of wearesolesisters.com  since 2010. their passion for travel inspires the wanderlust in me. for their 2012 forecast, i was inspired to write this post because of forecast #3

'' Search for the next Sole Sisters ''

im not a regular blogger, so i guess i won't fit the bill. but it made me think of my own set of sole sisters.
from the time i got bitten by the travel bug in 2010, i can only think of two persons who are constantly my companion on the road. meet my solesisters doo and boo :)
boo and doo

rock climbing in batanes (lol)

goofing around in albay

our first hike? mt pinatubo
haha payong sa boracay beach (mainet eh !)


we've been to more places, i just can't find the pictures. for 2012, we have travels lined up already, and im sure we'll have a great time.

now, your turn, who's your solesister/brother? :D